What happens in Vegas…when I go to BLT Burger

We landed in Vegas at around 10:30am (1:30pm Toronto time).  By the time we got to the Mirage (where my sister and I were staying the first night), and got checked in it was about noon.  We were starving (we ate breakfast at 7am Toronto time…and it was now 3pm Toronto time).  We felt like eating, and I felt like a good burger would hit the spot.  Fortunately, the Mirage has BLT Burger.

When we got to the restaurant, we just beat the rush (it got a lot busier after we were seated).  We were quickly seated and our server took our drink orders.  Then we looked at the menu.

The one-page food menu is pretty extensive for a casual burger bar.  They have a number of appetizers, salads and sides to choose from, and then the burgers of course.  They have mostly Certified Angus Beef burgers (5 options) and then one of each of Waygu beef, brisket, lamb, turkey, fried chicken, salmon, and veggie falafel burgers. I had a really hard time deciding what kind of burger I wanted, until I saw the 3 combo options.

Each combo could be made with either the classic burger (no special toppings), turkey or falafel.  You choose your fries (skinny fries, fat fries, waffle fries or sweet potato fries), and then your drink (pop (sorry…soda), milkshake or beer).  I decided the best way to try their burger was the classic, topped with your basics (lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle).  And obviously, I chose waffle fries.  I decided on just having pop, though after seeing a milkshake later, I regretted that decision!

Everything was delicious.  The burger, cooked medium, was juicy and delicious.  Considering burgers at home are generally cooked well-done it was a really nice change. The waffle fries were huge!  The were crispy and fluffy and fresh. This meal definitely hit the spot, and kept me full until dinner.

Joanna got the turkey burger combo with sweet potato fries.  The burger was served on a massive onion bun and was really big and also really juicy.  The sweet potato fries were probably the best I’ve ever tasted. They were fat and crispy, and also very fresh.

I love having my food cooked to order, rather than sitting cooked and waiting to be ordered.  This meal was so good, and a good value for $40. I will definitely go back…and when I do, I will try one of the fancier burgers!

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